Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story.Marvel Team-Up Annual #4, 1981. Art by Herb Trimpe and Mike Esposito. Words by Frank Miller. Colors by George Roussos. Letters by Diana Albers.

I just stole your dad.


What is it about movies that seems to imbue comic book characters with legitimacy?  Cons are full of fans wondering when one character or another will be in the next movie and I still have no idea why.  Are the books not good enough?  Does the idea of spending $10 on a movie ticket mean more than $3.99 on a comic?  Movies and comics have been around since the 1800’s (The Yellow Kid in 1895, the Horse in Motion in 1878), does that 17 year difference really mean something?



As with most things Spurgeon, the list is a must-read.





it’s all well and good to try and spread good will re: the cancellation of book or to try and have marvel (or whatever publisher) understand that it was well-loved, but the bottom line is, buy the fucking book, get other people to buy the fucking book, and don’t spread around/support torrents.

because at the end of the day, sales keep a book alive, not fan letters*.

*spider-girl is the exception I suppose, but the world doesn’t work like that any more. if it did, i’d still be reading thor: the mighty avenger.




  • Coulson
  • Hawkeye
  • Trading sass.
  • SHIELD being as sheisty and sneaky as ever.
  • Coulson laying a verbal SMACKDOWN on Taskmaster.
  • Taskmaster
  • Did I say Coulson already?
  • Luke Ross draws one hell of a fine Bobbi Fucking Morse. No skin off Aja’s nose, but this is my fave Bobbi right now. Dem…

I will say this; second issue seems to have a lot more going for it than issue one.  And issue one had characters mind-wiped against their will by an organization that supposedly is in the right.  The very fact that Black Widow JUST HAD THIS DONE, where other people got to decide the contents of her brain, and that was an act of villainy… makes me highly uncomfortable with the book’s premise.  [REDACTED] doesn’t count as a compelling argument. 

Please note: this is not me taking up arms against Secret Avengers, I am only wary because issue one was so skeevy.  Mind you, issue two seems to have more of the game involved so we know why two heroes are having their brains messed with without consent first by the good guys and Lord knows I’ll give every book three issues to sort itself out.



I have been DYING to say this stuff…!

Okay, if you go to this link (I’m sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to get just the cover image in this post…) you will see a cover image of THE MOVEMENT, ISSUE TWO. It’s down just a little bit!

And you just MIGHT be able to figure out a couple mysteries. :)

And the best thing?  The mighty mighty AMANDA CONNER is doing all the covers!

Hahahahahahaha, COMICS I LOVE YOU!





like seriously guys. 

at least with marvel.  you don’t need to read in order.

There are tons of events that I haven’t read all the tie-ins to.  There are books I read backwards (Iron Man).  But it all gets filled in. Don’t worry.  As you read on in the books you’ve chosen for the moment, the worlds will begin to take shape and it will be easier to know what’s going to interest and then you can jump to that. 

If you’re reading out of order or you think you’re reading something wrong because that issue came before that issue or that you NEED to go read some other title to read something you want to read….  nah.  You’re not doing it wrong.  You don’t NEED to do anything.  A good comic will fill you in on what you need to know.

calm it down and go read what you’re interested in

you can also go back and re-read things if you come across something that illuminates them in some way! read whatever tickles your fancy, go to Wikipedia or ComicVine (or Tumblr bros like me or Briton here!) when you get confused. comics are for fun, there is no right or wrong :)

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