So I’m reading about the Katie Piper Foundation and marveling at all the work they do with confidence and style, the workshops designed to help make it easier to live with burns and scars.  The recent newsletter talks about makeup tutorials and spa days and I got to this part:

We welcomed six people with burns and scars to our April workshop and started the day with a presentation from Cover FX who also provided products. Each attendee had a personal consultation with a professional make-up artist and was able to try out various different products and shades. Nail-painting / hand massage and hair styling were also available.

And I thought OMG NAIL PAINTING!  You see, my hands were really badly burned (among other places) and my nails have sort of shaped funny.  Even after three years now, my fingernails still grow strangely like triangles: there’s a part of the nail that’s strong and then the sides are weaker or look like ripping water.  My cuticles are kind of pointy too, as the scar tissue has pulled them back from the tips of my fingers.

Horrible and gross, I know.  I have to look at them every day and I still type funny because of the tendon and nerve damage I have.  There were so bad in ICU that I had the nurses put a little washcloth over one because it horrified me too much to look at it.  I would freakin’ LOVE to paint my goddamned nails, to take a little control back from the scars and make them look they way I want them to look.  Nail polish is huge right now and I would love to jump on that bandwagon, especially since it might keep me from biting my nails so much too!

So I’m posting this on tumblr to see if anyone else has ever had this peculiar problem, either with burn scars or … I don’t know, fingernail damage? - and wanted to or found a way to paint their nails.  I’ll try to get brave enough to take a picture of them if I can find a way to, well, take a picture of one’s own fingernails.  Is it safe?  Think it’ll make them look worse to draw attention to the nail beds?

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